Titlesort icon Composer Arranger Performance Date(s)
Hush my babe, lie still and slumber Steele, Adam December 1994, December 2010
HYMN TO ST. CECILIA Britten, Benjamin June 1999
I bought me a cat Copland, Aaron June 1994, March 2009
I could have danced all night Loewe, Frederick Stickles, William March 2010
I dreamed a dream Schönberg, Claude-Michel March 1994
I got a key Parker, Alice; Shaw, Robert March 1990
I got shoes Parker, Alice; Shaw, Robert June 1997
I have a song to sing, o! Sullivan, Arthur March 2002
I have had singing Sametz, Steven June 1999
I know a youth Sullivan, Arthur March 2002
I know I've been changed Dandridge, Damon March 2003
I love, alas, I love thee Morley, Thomas March 1992
I saw three ships Wilberg, Mack December 1989, December 1998
I see the universe Brunner, David March 2006
I stood on the river of Jordan Hogan, Moses March 1999
I was born to be a jester Brandvik, Paul March 1992
I will give my love an apple Lawson, Philip March 2003
I wonder as I wander Niles, John Jacob December 1998
I wonder as I wander Niles, John Jacob Rutter, John December 2000, December 2002
I'll be seeing you Fain, Sammy Mattson, Phil June 2012
I'll be seeing you Fain, Sammy March 1997
I'll say it anyway Certon, Pierre March 1992
I'm a train Hammond, Albert Knight, Peter March 2001, June 2005
I'm an old cowhand Mercer, Johnny March 1997
I'm gonna sing til the Spirit moves in my heart Hogan, Moses March 1998
I'm sittin' on top of the world Henderson, Ray March 1997
I, royal, well and highly born Sullivan, Arthur March 2002
Ich sag ade Richter, Clifford March 1987, June 1989, March 2011
If it be love to sit and mourn Hilton, John March 1987
If music be the food of love, sing on Dickau, David June 2011
Il bianco e dolce cigno Vecchi, Orazio June 1988, June 1989
Il est bel et bon Passereau, Pierre June 1993
Il est né Parker, Alice; Shaw, Robert December 1996
Il est né, le divin Enfant Goemanne, Noël December 2001
Impossible dream, The Leigh, Mitch March 1994
In dulci jubilo Grundahl, Nancy December 2007
In dulci jubilo Braun, William December 2001, December 2002
In dulci jubilo Rutter, John December 1988
In memoria aeterna Vivaldi, Antonio June 1991
In that great gettin' up mornin' Harris, Jerry Weseley March 1990
In that great gettin' up mornin' March 1987, June 2000
In the bleak midwinter Steele, Adam December 1995
In the bleak midwinter Hayes, Mark December 1993
In the bleak midwinter Holst, Gustav Parker, Alice December 1997
In the mood Miller, Glenn; Garland, Joe March 1997
In the still of the night Porter, Cole March 1997
Infant holy Williams, Adrian December 2005
Innsbruck, I now must leave thee Isaac, Heinrich March 1987, March 1992
Invitation Kimball, Jacob March 1990
Io mi son giovinetta Monteverdi, Claudio June 1990
Irish slumber song Vantine, Bruce March 1988
Is life a boon? Sullivan, Arthur March 1989
Isn't it romantic? Rodgers, Richard March 1997
It had to be you Jones, Isham Robinson, Russ June 2012
It is good to give thanks Friar, Kendra June 2009
It was a lover and his lass Swingle, Ward March 2008, March 2011
It was a lover and his lass Morley, Thomas
It's clear that medieval art Sullivan, Arthur March 1989, March 2002
Jabula Jesu Hatfield, Stephen March 2000
Jauchzet dem Herren Schütz, Heinrich May 1987
Java jive Drake, Milton; Oakley, Ben March 1991
Jesu parvule Burt, Alfred December 1985, December 2009
Jesus Child Rutter, John December 1999
Jingle bells Pierpont, James Blackwell, David December 1997
Jingle bells Pierpont, James Rubino, Jerry December 2000
John Henry Miller, John March 1993, March 2001
Joseph, lieber mein Scheidt, Sameul December 1998, December 2003
Joshua Luboff, Norman June 1994
Joy in the morning Sleeth, Natalie Thompson, Martha June 1998
Joy to the world Mason, Lowell December 2006
Jubilate Deo Halmos, László June 1998
Judah's land Johnson, David December 1992
Jul, Jul, strålande Jul Nordqvist, Gustav December 1988
Karóli voratsyanskíja vesolíka cvántsi Nrúbkalb, Íret December 2005
Kas tie tadi? Sametz, Steven March 2003
Keep your lamps Thomas, Andre June 1993
Kein Feuer, keine Kohle kanin brennen so heiss Sametz, Steven June 2001
Keresimesi qdun de o Whalum, Wendell December 1999
Kling, Glöckchen, kling Widmann, Benedikt Kirk, T. December 1992
Kling, Glöckchen, kling Widmann, Benedikt Mager, Stephen December 2003
Komm Musik Hassler, Hans Leo June 1992
Kompira fune, fune Baxter, Francis March 1996
Kumbaya Sjolund, Paul March 1988, June 1989, June 1995, June 1998, June 2003, June 2010
Kung Liljekonvalje Wikander, David March 1998
Kyrie Gabrielli, Andrea June 1999
Kyrie Fauré, Gabriel Frackenpohl, Arthur June 1994, June 1998, June 2007
Kyrie Gerhardt, Frederick June 2009
Lady Richie, Lionel March 1997
Lakota Wiyanki Herrington, Judith; Woodside, Gail March 2003
Lambscapes Barnes, Eric March 2003
LAMENTATIONS OF JEREMIAH, THE: 1 - O vos omnes Ginastera, Alberto June 1992
LAMENTATIONS OF JEREMIAH, THE: 2 - Ego vir videns Ginastera, Alberto June 1992
LAMENTATIONS OF JEREMIAH, THE: 3 - Tu autem Domine Ginastera, Alberto June 1992
Last words of David, The Thompson, Randall June 2006
LAUD TO THE NATIVITY Respighi, Ottarino December 1996
Laurie's song Copland, Aaron June 1994
Lavender's blue Langford, Gordon March 1988, June 1989, June 2005
Lebenslust Schubert, Franz Robinson, Ray June 1997
Les anges dans nos campagnes Trepte, Paul December 2001
Let all the nations praise the Lord Leisring, Volkmar June 1993